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You are not enough, because God is not alone.

Then God [Elohim] said, “Let us make man in our image, after our likeness. And let them have dominion over the fish of the sea and over the birds of the heavens and over the livestock and over all the earth and over every creeping thing that creeps on the earth.”

Genesis 1:26 ESV

From the beginning of the beginning God is not alone. He does not need to create out of loneliness because he is not alone. He does not need to make man to complete him because he is complete within himself. But for some crazy reason that I will never understand, he does create man. And to substantiate his hand in creation, he graciously creates in his image, after the likeness of his perfect unity. He makes man for his pleasure of unity, relationship, and love.

Now here is the kicker: God made man and woman. This is not a debate on equality because I believe equal value, different roles (another topic for another time), but it is a debate about necessity. God created man and women because it was necessary to properly exemplify his likeness.

God did/does not need to make anything, but he chose to make man. In doing so God also showed Adam on the 6th day of Creation that he also needed to make a partner, a wife suitable for Adam (Gen. 2:18): another person who, alongside Adam, represents and carries out the image of our holy, beautiful, loving Creator. Adam and Eve, man and woman. Two people unified in marriage (Gen. 2:24-25) and called to serve and create alongside their God.

The beginning of God’s family.

The beginning of knowing you are not enough.

Always said with humbleness and solidarity,

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Let’s Begin…

You know that feeling of sunlight sinking into your skin in the late afternoon?  That magical hour when everything around you has turned to gold, right before the sun dips below the horizon for it’s nightly slumber.  For a rare moment of solitude have you stolen away from all of life’s responsibilities simply to soak in this present stillness.

If you are anything like me, you recognize the calming effects nature can have on the mind.  You step outside, maybe to fetch the mail, or maybe to run around the block. Before plugging in those headphones, you take a minute and simply breathe in, then out.  You find yourself taking a few steps; it’s just you and the world around you. Suddenly, your heart starts beating a little slower.  That nagging headache floats away on the breeze.  Your ears tingle from that almost forgotten sound of leaves thrashing together as the wind picks up.

I have painted a simple scene that is likely a common one in the (semi?) average American’s daily life.  What is so special about stepping outside and breathing in fresh air once a day?  Key word: once.  Sure, the average person leaves their house and gets in and out of their car multiple times throughout the day.  Some of you probably even go for a run on a regular basis.  And that is fantastic (seriously, you should receive a medal!  I loathe running with a passion…I digress…)!  However, what I am here to spread the word about is a connection back to nature.

Hmmm…that sounds pretty mystical…I know, but stay with me!  I promise this blog is not about magic or wizardry!

I am simply an anything outdoors fanatic who holds firmly to the belief that nature was designed by the Creator to give everything that humanity would need to live – and live abundantly!  Nature surrounds us, freely offering health and joy for the body, mind, and spirit, yet we rarely utilize it – what is worse, we often destroy it.

This truth is too often suffocated by the negativity in our world, but I believe that connecting people back to nature is an important step toward the balanced, healthy life God intended for us to live!

Creation being therapy is a huge topic with many aspects.  That’s why I have started this blog! In a culture of cynicism, I hope to inspire people to connect with nature and the simple joys of life!

So, take a break from the news, the gossip, the music, and get outside!

Stay tuned for more in-depth posts to come!

Peace to you!